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Wahoo is one of our current breeding boys who will retire this year. He's such a fun sweet baby!

Health Guarantee

I test for the different genetic disorders that can be tested for based on the extended Australian labradoodle testing, including PRA prcd, vWD, EIC, DM and hips, elbows, patellas, as well as other recommended ones.

Before I breed any pairs of breeding dogs, I do a breeding calculation on Pawprint Genetics as well, which lets me know if there would be any reason not to breed the specific mom and dad. We can guarantee that the babies will not be affected by any of the genetic issues that we test for, but there are sometimes genetic health issues that aren’t as easily determined by the scores, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Almost every dog breed has a risk of hip dysplasia. When we test, we can determine what the risk is and reduce it, but there can’t be any guarantee against that except for what the testing tells us.

Patellas also can be affected by more than just genetics, as they can have an environmental cause after the dog goes home. There are many factors that go into it and while we test the parents for patellas issues and hip dysplasia, it can not be solely tied to genetics.

There are other health issues that are beyond any testing can determine and that can be specifically related to dog food and medication. Seizures are one of these concerns. I complete all of the testing known to determine whether or not the babies will be more prone to seizures, but there is a direct link to flea/tick medications which are neurotoxins.

I cannot guarantee the health of dog above and beyond the testing that I have completed for them. This is just one of the risks of dog ownership. The health guarantee covers the genetic component of the tested diseases, as the testing reduces the chance of any of these, although it does not completely eliminate the possibility. The chance of any genetic disease taking place after completing the testing is rare, but there is still a chance.

Sometimes there are disorders that have nothing to do with genetics and are not inherited from the parents, just like with people. You can be tested for all sorts of auto immune disorders, but then you might have a child who does. Our health guarantee doesn’t cover diseases that can’t be tested for or ones that have a known environmental or medication related connection. This is just part of owning a pet and a personal responsibility. I do my best to minimize any health and behavioral issues by testing, raising them in my home and having a vet thoroughly complete a health check, but there are issues out of my control.

There are sometimes small cosmetic issues that come up, such as an underbite, overbite, base narrow canines, as well as other slight dental defects. Most of these will correct themselves as the dog grows and the baby teeth fall out, and the adult teeth come in. Sometimes a puppy may have an umbilical hernia, or a retained or undescended testicle. A small hernia may close over time on its own, or it might not and would need to be closed at the spay/neuter appointment, same for the undescended testicle. This information will be determined at the initial vet visit and will be disclosed to you before the puppy goes home.

Before you bring a pet home, you need to have realistic expectations. Puppies are so much fun and bring a ton of joy into your home, but you also need to be prepared to put in the work to make your puppy a wonderful pet. Training, quality food, consistency and following known puppy guidelines are the most important thing you can do. I cannot take responsibility for the choices you make with the puppy once you leave my house. You have to lay the groundwork before you bring your puppy home & be prepared to put in the time with them. I suggest puppy training (classes or individual) as well as feeding them quality food and being aware of the impact different dog medications can have on your dog. You need to do your research and make your choices for their food and medications yourself. I suggest pet insurance in order to ensure that you are able to take care of any concerns that may come up throughout the life of your Australian labradoodle.

Just Doodling Around has been proud to care for Australian labradoodle puppies and raise them all of these years and ensure that our puppies come from well tested and behaved parents. All of our Australian labradoodle parents have had extensive health and temperament testing before we have bred them. We have chosen breeding doodles from other breeders throughout the years based on the quality of their programs and testing.

The many families we have placed our Australian labradoodle puppies with in the past have always recommended us and complimented us on how our babies have grown into beautiful labradoodles and we are proud of our reputation. We have many personal references on social media and google reviews. If you don’t know anyone who has an Australian labradoodle from us, I suggest going onto Facebook or Instagram, as there are posts and pictures from past families or posted by us to show the current doodle action at our house.

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